Paul Engelmann

HEY Testimonials

"Paul Engelmann is an outstanding, experienced teacher of High Energy Yoga. I have personally benefited from his instruction and I would highly recommend him as a teacher. His instruction is specific, precise and respectful and the method of yoga he teaches is extraordinarily helpful in promoting body realignment. His teaching is a gift that will be of benefit to many."
Richard J. Davidson, Named by Time magazine in 2006 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world

"As a physician and an exercise enthusiast, I find High Energy Yoga invaluable. The emphasis on strength and alignment is key in avoiding injuries and in helping our bodies deal with the challenges of everyday life. Paul Engelmann is a fabulous personal instructor. His experience, intuitive knowledge of the body and gentle demeanor make working with him a joy. I have found working with Paul to be one of my wisest investments!"
Susan Davidson, M.D.

"As a road bicyclist, it is important for me to have enough core strength and hip flexion to sit on my bike with comfort and ease for hours at a stretch. Before working with Paul, I frequently had low back and neck pain after riding my bike, even though it was a custom fit. This was a result of a lack of hip flexion, meaning I would get low by hunching my spine forward. Through my work with High Energy Yoga, I balanced my hips, creating greater hip flexion, which allows me to sit with my spine extended even in a low tucked position. Combined with the amazing core strength I have built, I can sit on my bike with a neutral spine, and I am comfortable - no neck or low back pain - for long rides."
Ali Dwyer, Bicycle Education Instructor

"Forgive the yoga enthusiasm, but Paul and the style of yoga he teaches are really fantastic. Tucson is swimming in yoga, but I am wildly disappointed with the selection after a year of Paul's classes. Paul's style was developed by this very interesting guy in Madison, Wisconsin, who came to the conclusion that yoga in America is not taught effectively for our cultural-body types, because it tries to overcome western-industrial bodies (bodies that sit in chairs and work at computers) through acts of stretching. The brilliance of Paul’s style is that it starts from a clear understanding of westernized, cultural bodies and then develops them in healthier ways by re-aligning mobility and strength. This practice is based on deceivingly simple exercises that can be done by people at all levels, including those who've never taken yoga. As someone with chronic back pain from arthritis, I can attest to a nearly pain-free year, even in the cold and wet environment of Madison, Wisconsin."
Adam Geary, Ph.D.

"In my capacity as performance coach for the University of Wisconsin - Madison, the San Jose Sharks (NHL), and in association with other coaches and teams, I was able to integrate the essentials of yoga as taught by Roger Eischens with high performance athletics. Many of the athletes I sent to Roger became dedicated practitioners of his style of yoga while they were competing, and remained so, afterward, as they continued to pursue health and balance in their physical lives. Paul was one of Roger's most advanced students and assistants. Like Roger, Paul doesn't simply look, he sees. And Yoga, like coaching, is as much about the teacher as it is about the information he/she imparts. Paul is exceptional."
Steve Myrland, Manager, Myrland Sports Training

"As a physical therapist I have not found anything that works better than High Energy Yoga for pain and muscle tension due to neuromuscular imbalances and joint misalignment."
Michele Wensman, PT, OCS